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Quick Start. Only practice. Step-by-step guide. How to download, configure and run Che Browser as quickly as possible in 2023.

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Feedback from the forums about Antidetect Che Browser

Feedback from the forums about Antidetect Che Browser

The update to version 0.3.39 has been completed. Important information!

Please note that in the latest version of the Chrome browser, Google has made numerous changes to the basic modules. These changes directly or indirectly affect the operation of various browser fingerprinting techniques. Because of this, not all previously purchased profiles will be able to automatically update to version 114.

We have released an update to version 0.3.37.


Explanation of the latest Che Browser update. About the free automatic profile update.

Due to numerous requests from users, we want to clarify some confusing points related to the latest Che Browser update. As you all know, every two months or so the stable version of Chrome browser (kernel), the engine on which Che Browser is built, is updated. It happens automatically to all Chrome users except for those who have blocked the possibility of such update with special programs (firewall, special software or custom browser builds). Thus, the vast majority of Chrome users update their browsers automatically.

We made major updates to Che Browser: 0.3.33, 0.3.34, 0.3.35.


Small update to 0.3.30.

- several circumvention mechanisms were added to the "default" profile - code revisions for several antifraud systems - minor bugfixes

The list of proxy sellers technically compatible with Che Browser in 2023.

☎️ Contact us (telegram): @chesupport

Friends, we have updated Che Browser: v0.3.27, v0.3.28, v0.3.29.

Friends, we have updated Che Browser: v0.3.27, v0.3.28, v0.3.29.

FAQ about outdated profiles

I read the caption "Attention! This profile is outdated". What does it mean?

Che Browser global update 0.3.26!

You must manually update Che Browser. To do this, perform the following steps: