October 17, 2023

0.4 version of Che Browser is officially released!


• Based on our research, we have made many changes to the mechanisms of spoofing and bypassing AF-systems. We have also updated the core of the software to version 117 and have already started working on version 118.
• Based on the results of testing the software, we have collected a lot of positive feedback and are officially launching the 0.4 branch of the software.
• Also we have added USDT top-up, in addition to other coins.

How to start using the new software branch?
1. You need to download the new build from the official website: https://chebrowser.site/
2. Unpack the archive (if you are a 0.3 or 0.2 branch user, you need to unpack the archive into a separate folder!).
3. Run the client chebrowser.exe and register a new account. You will get 3 days subscription and 3 profiles for free.
4. Use it

If you are a user of 0.3 version of the software
Each major branch release is not compatible with each other due to different architecture of internal mechanisms, so you will still have to download a new client (as described above) and register a new account.
We can transfer your balance and active subscription from version 0.3 to version 0.4. To do this you need to contact our support in Telegram: @chesupport

What will happen with the 0.2 and 0.3 versions of the software?
Version 0.3 of the software continues to function and we will keep it running. There will be no restrictions for a long time.
We highly recommend you to additionally read the Terms of Use of the software
Version 0.2 will be discontinued on November 1, 2023. The time of its guaranteed maintenance has come to an end. Please take this into account and additionally contact our support in telegram: @chesupport

Website: https://chebrowser.site