November 23, 2021

What advantages does Che Browser have over competitors?

Che Browser is a revolutionary antidetect for multi-accounts. It is designed to create and manage many of your accounts and prevent them from being banned. Our potential customers often ask us, what makes us different from other similar products? Why is our product really revolutionary? Our opinion is that it is unethical to discuss competitors. Nevertheless, this question is asked very often, so we will try to answer it. However, we will not mention the names of any other antidetect browsers.

Why Che Browser?

✅ We have created and implemented a «customization» mechanism. Different websites collect a wide variety of fingerprints from the user’s browser. For example, Canvas, WebGL, Audio, etc. These fingerprints are then sent to the websites' servers and analyzed. The vast majority of antidetect browsers prohibit these fingerprints from being sent to websites or send randomly generated data.

Che Browser gives websites real fingerprints, which we collect from the real user’s browser beforehand. Our product also implements various methods against popular tracking systems. It is obvious which way of working with fingerprints is more successful. You can read more about customization in our documentation.

✅ We are constantly improving methods against tracking systems. For example, the so-called Time Shifting technology allows us to counteract tracking systems based on time intervals (e.g., time between keystrokes on the keyboard). You can read more about Time Shifting in our documentation.

✅ Some of our innovations are instantly copied by our competitors. For example, the «Prevent local ports scanning» technology (read about it in the documentation).

New technologies and innovations, which for obvious reasons we cannot discuss in public space.

You also get the following benefits: user-friendly interface, responsive support, detailed documentation, reasonable price, stable operation without failures, etc. Thousands of customers use Che Browser daily. Go to our website and try Che Browser to solve your problems.

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