June 20, 2023

The update to version 0.3.39 has been completed. Important information!

Please note that in the latest version of the Chrome browser, Google has made numerous changes to the basic modules. These changes directly or indirectly affect the operation of various browser fingerprinting techniques. Because of this, not all previously purchased profiles will be able to automatically update to version 114.

We have done our best to compensate for these features, but unfortunately in some cases it is not technically possible to automatically update previously purchased profiles. In most cases the profiles update will be done automatically just like before, but in some specific cases unfortunately it won't be done.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that after launching a profile of version below 114, you first go to any checker. For example, on this one: https://whoer.net/ru and check that the profile was updated to version 114. If the auto-renewal of profile did not take place, then we strongly recommend not to use this profile and not to visit your target sites. In this case you need to buy a new profile version 114 and transfer to it the cookies from the profile that failed to update automatically.

Keep in mind that if the profile failed to update automatically and you decide to use it again, some sites or anti-fraud solutions will detect it.

Change log:
- kernel update
- added possibility to enable or disable the QUIC protocol
- bugfixes

Website: https://chebrowser.site/