August 24, 2023

Feedback from the forums about Antidetect Che Browser


We have collected feedback from clients from forums about the use of our antidetect in their work.

We believe that the most important thing for antidetect is the passability of accounts (so that they don’t get banned). If we can conclude from the text of the feedback on the forum that the antidetect was used for its intended purpose (multi-accounting and preventing bans because of it), then we have collected and published such feedback. Below you will see positive (green background), negative (red background) and «neutral» (yellow background) reviews. «Neutral» reviews are in quotes because they are not truly neutral reviews, but reviews that contain both positive and negative experiences with Che Browser.

Forum: dark2w*

Screenshot of one of the posts from the dark2w*

zeronine*n (reputation: +5; registered: 14.04.23; posted: 03.10.23)

I use, good anti-detect browser.
I recommend it:)

Forum: forum.exp***

Screenshot of one of the posts from the forum.exp***

Djax*n (reputation: +31; registered: 13.12.16; posted: 07.11.19)

It seems to be working fine. The bad thing is that only chrome. Convenient and in the settings are all clear and easy and like that, unlike the same sphere, you can use browser functions like "expect element" and put plugins for automation.
I would like to add to my review: I already have the package from bestbay.

kr*s (reputation: +12; registered: 06.10.14; posted: 14.11.19)

I use it. Works great with bestbay. Works well with amazon too.

upsho*33 (reputation: +12; registered: 26.09.19; posted: 15.11.19)

It was in the evening, I needed something to occupy myself. Because I hadn't installed a virtual machine with Mac OS, and I didn't want to buy Sphere, so I had some time. I looked through my bookmarks and remembered about Che Browser. I activated the gift code and started using it.
+ Very surprised and pleased with the section with documentation
+ There is a telegram (although I do not welcome ) channel, which is moderated without flooding and there in fact answer questions.
+ I had a difficulty with working on a virtual machine and the author personally helped me to solve it
+ price, 30$ per month (for such money you need to buy, that's just to be )
+ the product is developing and the author lives it
- no.
I recommend, even if you do not need, just buy to be.

BurgerT*m (reputation: +20; registered: 05.05.12; posted: 09.12.19)

I have been using it for almost a month now, it is very convenient that it saves all cookies and passwords and you can quickly switch between accounts.
There was a problem with changing the password on the account, but it was quickly resolved.
I wish you further development and more customers.

a*l (reputation: - (minus) 4; registered: 11.08.17; posted: 14.12.19)

I keep getting cancelations from your antidetect.
Also requires captcha when entering my shop, although from other systems it does not require captcha.

masters*s (reputation: +1; registered: 20.03.20; posted: 23.03.20)

Good antic, paypal customization works great. The only thing is that it lacks IE config, you have to keep a sphere for IE.

getse*d (reputation: +34; registered: 28.08.16; posted: 09.05.20)

No customization for facebook yet, waiting. In general, the antidetect is okay. They promise, but somehow everything related to the code takes a long time to make. Apparently a lot of edits are still to come.

m*t (reputation: +1; registered: 21.04.17; posted: 13.05.20)

Good antidetect, I have been using it for about half a year. The last thing I didn't like was that the balance from the old version was not transferred to the new one. As a result, there is a small amount of money in the old version. In general, the developer actively listens to feedback, which is very pleasing.

Leonx*x (reputation: +2; registered: 08.09.15; posted: 22.06.20)

Good antidetect. I've been using it for a couple of months. It's perfect for my purposes.

perf3*t (reputation: +1; registered: 01.05.2018; posted: 18.07.2020)

I use this antidetect. Works for my purposes as well. There have been no promo codes for a long time.

qq23*6 (reputation: +1; registered: 04.08.19; posted: 19.08.20)

I've been using it for a couple months, really like it

artmon*y (reputation: 0; registered: 04.09.17; posted: 09.09.20)

I use the second month, very raw of course software, but under my tasks perfectly fits, better than the sphere. But it will not fit for everything.

kl*p (reputation: +4; registered: 16.04.19; posted: 26.09.20)

A good antidetect, if the author maintains his enthusiasm, will be the best in the current ones

lichinka*8 (reputation: +2; registered: 25.11.16; posted: 05.10.20)

I use this antidetect, I like it all. But I would like safari - mac configs, and I noticed such a peculiarity. When you insert luxsocks socks, start the config, it doesn't load. When you close it and start again, everything works. It's a bit strange.

UNFOR*A (reputation: +11; registered: 28.08.20; posted: 17.12.20)

Definitely for traffic, better solution than sphere +++

Quantic*m (reputation: +15; registered: 22.05.18; posted: 02.02.21)

I promised to write a long time ago, but I haven't. personal thanks to the support team for believing me and changing my pass, because there were some difficulties.
The product itself is excellent, works very fast. in the latest version of course monetization methods are a bit surprising, but everyone earns as much as they can. success to the product.

Aquamari*e (reputation: +5; registered: 05.08.21; posted: 11.10.21)

Our team is using at the moment
Like to the developers

concalar*u (reputation: 0; registered: 26.07.21; posted: 04.12.21)

best for manage multi profile. Supporter is very good. Kindly man

fullzhou*e (reputation: +5; registered: 05.05.22; posted: 13.05.22)

Used to be one of the first customers. The author showed patience and masterful technical knowledge to sort out my problem which was due to my ISP.
Highly recommend

Pomid*r (reputation: +11; registered: 30.03.22; posted: 02.09.22)

The best solution for me for a CPA

Shlyahti*h (reputation: +1; registered: 23.08.17; posted: 16.11.22)

Recently started using it.
The first impression is very positive, price and quality are excellent.

Pomid*r (reputation: +11; registered: 30.03.22; posted: 18.11.2022)

it's going great

Pomid*r (reputation: +11; registered: 30.03.22; posted: 27.02.23)

for advertising is good enough for me++

Zol0t*y (reputation: 0; registered: 27.04.23; posted: 25.09.23)

I use this antidetect for more than a year, I like it very much, it fulfills its tasks, I really like their design, now it's hard to switch to other)))))

Forum: crd*

Screenshot of one of the posts from the crd*

pru*e (reaction: 1; registered: 20.01.24; posted: 22.01.24)

honestly a great browser highly recommended for any use

Forum: v* (aka "Verified")

Screenshot of one of the posts from the v*

kron*s (BL: 4; registered: 11.12.11; posted: 03.09.21)

Great antidetect, I recommend it

derko*a (BL: 138; registered: 23.08.08; posted: 07.09.21)

Great software, works well!

sexpsychol*y (BL: 0; registered: 11.12.17; posted: 24.01.22)

It's a good antidetect. I made a lot of money on it... but lately I don't see much difference from anothers.
Guys report on custom profiles, is there a reason to take them ? For example on amazon. I can say that there is no difference at all. I think it's purely marketing. If I'm wrong, I'm ready for a reasonable discussion.

lockerpok*r (BL: 0; registered: 01.03.22; posted: 03.03.22)

I used it, I can't say anything bad, as long as the sphere is inadequate - you can use it.

lucidwin*s (BL: 0; registered: 26.08.16; posted: 17.06.22)

What made me happy was that after the latest software update in my shops the passability has increased to 80-90%.

cheveas (BL: 0; registered: 11.04.12; posted: 10.09.22)

Decent antidetect. I experienced extremely positive emotions while working on it.

derko*a (BL: 138; registered: 23.08.08; posted: 17.12.22)

It's a good antidetect, I recommend it!

BretHa*t (BL: 0; registered: 09.01.23; posted: 06.04.23)

I'm using it, it's ok!

Montan*1 (BL: 0; registered: 08.02.2022; posted: 20.09.23)

Best antidetect on the market, I recommend it.

Vinthhawk0*7 (BL: 0; registered: 13.12.2023; posted: 14.12.23)

Decent antidetect, I can safely recommend it. For 4 months of work has not failed yet

Forum: korov* (aka "Korovka")

Screenshot of one of the posts from the korov*

Godun*v (reputation: 0; registered: 30.05.19; posted: 19.10.21)

good antidetect in my opinion, in google by cookies enters without problems, work on gifts without problems.

быча*а (reputation: 0; registered: 15.10.21; posted: 19.10.21)

great antidetect

comegets*e (reputation: +5; registered: 16.10.20; posted: 22.10.21)

I use it, the best option for this price

win10*1 (reputation: +1; registered: 20.07.21; posted: 29.10.21)

good antidetect

0_veter*0 (reputation: 0; registered: 18.03.14; posted: 20.12.21)

I'm using it, it's good.

atta4m3*t (reputation: 0; registered: 15.10.21; posted: 10.01.22)

the browser is great!

Ticusbank*r (reputation: +1; registered: 15.01.22; posted: 25.01.22)

Antidetect is worth its money

truetok*n (reputation: 0; registered: 09.11.21; posted: 06.03.22)


ordinar*a (reputation: +3; registered: 25.10.21; posted: 11.03.22)

Antidetect is the best, comfortable, not laggy.

win10*1 (reputation: +1; registered: 20.07.21; posted: 16.03.22)

soft is great

win10*1 (reputation: +1; registered: 20.07.21; posted: 21.07.22)

thanks to the authors for this soft

Anenetaca*o (reputation: 0; registered: 16.03.22; posted: 17.08.22)

I can't get enough of this software

TRUeb*t (reputation: 0; registered: 29.08.22; posted: 29.08.22)

I use, I'm happy with everything +++

злод*й (reputation: 0; registered: 29.06.11; posted: 06.09.22)

I am happy with the price/quality criterion

nik*i (reputation: 0; registered: 31.01.11; posted: 08.10.22)


torati*o (репутация: 0; registered: 14.11.21; posted: 16.05.23)


Forum: x*

Screenshot of one of the posts from the x*

Reh*b (reactions: 2 268; registered: 01.11.20; posted: 11.10.21)

Good product and the price is good+

goodvibe*7 (reactions: 11; registered: 31.07.21; posted: 07.11.21)

For the price it's quite decent!

Cest*o (reactions: 9; registered: 11.05.20; posted: 02.12.21)

Decent product. Performs the stated functions.

Agaspher*s (reactions: 6; registered: 11.01.22; posted: 12.01.22)

Probably the best product on the market in terms of value for money. I used it for a total of two months. I didn't notice any major defects

jimmyto*g (reactions: 0; registered: 10.11.20; posted: 20.03.22)

This is a great antidetect for certain tasks! I wish you success!

BestDea*z (reactions: 0; registered: 26.05.23; posted: 27.05.23)

Love it excellent setup

TransferKor*a (reactions: 0; registered: 19.03.20; posted: 09.06.23)

Used long-time. Waiting new updates.

Politkovsk*y (reactions: 21; registered: 29.11.22; posted: 09.10.23)

This antidetect is the best on the market! I recommend it, I've been working with him for 3 years).

Forum: coock*

Screenshot of one of the posts from the coock*

richb*i (reactions: 3; registered: 10.04.22; posted: 13.06.23)

i like che

Forum: forum*

Screenshot of one of the posts from the forum*

Enot*9 (reputation: +2; registered: 14.07.23; posted: 14.07.23)

Awesome browser

Forum: 2c*

Screenshot of one of the posts from the 2c*

NinjaInP*s (reputation: +87; registered: 08.07.16; posted: 27.02.20)

Yeah, I'm using it fine for now.

Let*o (reputation: +2; registered: 01.07.20; posted: 02.03.22)

good soft, I recommend it

Forum: g* (GLOBAL-FORUM)

Screenshot of one of the posts from the g*

OmsiGa*e (registered: 16.04.20; posted: 25.10.21)


Forum: b*

Screenshot of one of the posts from the b*

Ch3l0*k (reaction score: 874; registered: 15.10.20; posted: 03.10.21)

Why so few reviews? Who thinks, thinks, ask for a test from TC, I think he will give out.
We use the team, the flight is f*cking great. I really liked the function of profiles, for 1$ you can customize your work with the log.
We were on a shitty sphere at one time, then switched to indigo, tested che browser, decent antic, good support, price is good, what else do you need to work.

Гр*ч (reaction score: 12 808; registered: 02.11.13; posted: 03.10.21)

The software has been on the market for a long time, so the trust of the seller without question, I used it myself, but my goals are not shops.
There are few reviews, because on this forum users don't need such software so much, and those who do, often don't waste time on reviews.

Positrono*f (reaction score: 5; registered: 25.10.21; posted: 09.11.21)

I use the software from the beginning of its release, then amazon gave egift, now of course does not give so, but! Functions performs, if you take new chrome browsers in configs + socks or ssh not public, it works perfectly.

Forum: youga*

Screenshot of one of the posts from youga*

Kenzie*7 (reactions: 0; registered: 04.12.21; posted: 04.12.21)

Quite a nice antidetect, if the profiles were cheaper, it would be great.


Screenshot of one of the posts from

BLADISL*V (likes: 844; registered: 07.02.17; posted: 19.09.21)

I work with your product, but I really don't like the fact that version 3 has a paid wipe.

Forum: car**

Screenshot of one of the posts from car**

Di*t (reputation: 28; registered: 15.04.21; posted: 19.09.21)

Great antidetect. I used it for a long time.

Lord7*7 (reputation: 15; registered: 12.04.21; posted: 22.09.21)

Very good and high quality anti-detect browser. I consider it one of the best for our work.
I have been using it for a long time and I am very satisfied with it. I recommend it to everyone.
Only positive emotions and impressions. Very helpful and helps. Work becomes efficient and convenient.

Forum: crdcr*

Screenshot of one of the posts from crdcr*

Lemonisny*t (reputation: 0; registered: 13.02.23; posted: 01.05.23)

Realy good browser! But not accept some type of cookies(

Forum: ascar***

Screenshot of one of the posts from ascar***

acernova*4 (reactions: 5; registered: 19.10.21; posted: 19.10.21)

thank you bro for this work

masonman*9 (reactions: 2; registered: 20.01.22; posted: 26.01.22)

i like

Mr.Norm*l (reactions: 1; registered: 24.02.23; posted: 28.07.23)

Good tool, I used it before, great for multi-account creation. Very good interface, works better than Linken Sphere

Forum: hackforu*

Screenshot of one of the posts from hackforu*

Narcist (rating: +26; registered: 30.09.15; posted: 10.06.21)

Im using this since 10 months now for every day and can say its, compared to its price, very effective.
if your into very highly BH work then I recommend LS (with a much higher pricetag) but for usual stuff (google ads, fb, different social media etc etc) then Che is really good for its price.
5 star from me. Keep on the good work Che!

We tried not to include the following types of feedback:

  • although important, but not directly affecting the passability of accounts (reviews like «The support team quickly solved my technical problem, thank you» and other similar reviews).
  • meaningless: from people who have never used the antidetect (reviews like «At first glance, you can’t tell that the product is too amazing» and other similar reviews).
  • from perfectionists (reviews like «From the minuses I can note the lack of a dark theme» and other similar).
  • false and (or) paid with a high probability. These are frankly negative reviews from users with low reputation on the forum and (or) made almost immediately after user registration on the forum. In response to the offer to specify login in Che Browser and contact support, the user is silent and in no way develops a dialog (reviews such as «after using your antidetect got a ban, but XXX antidetect gives good passability»).

The credibility of reviews can not be doubted. For each forum we selectively made a screenshot of one of the reviews, where you can see a link to the URL of the corresponding forum (in order not to advertise third-party resources, we have hidden their URL with «*»). You can register on the forum, find a thread with Che Browser and personally verify the authenticity of the review published by us by checking its text, date of publication and username.

When analyzing a review, we recommend paying attention to the following review parameters:

  • user reputation/reactions. The higher (more), the better. Reputation can be negative (-4, for example; usually such users are soon banned), positive (e.g. +2) or neutral (0). If you see a review of a person with a negative reputation, then most likely you are dealing with an inadequate or a scammer who has not yet been banned from the forum for some reason. Some forums have «reactions» instead of «reputation». In this case, the value cannot be negative. The more reactions, the better (the more «authoritative» the user is). Sometimes BL (business level) is used: the more it is, the better.
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