July 8, 2022

FAQ about outdated profiles

I read the caption "Attention! This profile is outdated". What does it mean?

This means that this profile is too old. Chrome is updated very often. That's why we are constantly updating and improving the Che Browser. In the new versions, we implement the collection and replacement of new data that appears in Chrome. And the old profiles don't have this new data. That is why they are not suitable for work.

Does it help if I change the "Chrome version" to the current version via "Advanced options"?

Changing the version in "Advanced options" makes no sense. Why? Because in this case only the userAgent will change, but other necessary data (such as samples) will remain from the old version and may be different in the new version. This can negatively affect the efficiency of your work. You can of course change the "Chrome version" in "Advanced options" at your own risk. Whether or not you will be detected by the target website depends solely on the implementation of its detection methods. We do not recommend to do so.

If I ignore this message and continue to work with the profile with the old version, what happens?

Your work efficiency may decrease. For example, your accounts may be banned. We recommend using the new profile for the reasons described above.

I agree with you and want to update my profile. How can I do it correctly?

Profile update means to buy new profile and transfer cookies from old profile to new one. To do this you must do the following steps:

  1. Export cookies from the old profile
  2. Buy new profile
  3. Import cookies into new profile you just bought

Read about exporting and importing cookies in documentation: https://chebrowser.site/doc/en/profiles.html#cookies-manager